Talent Specialists for Financial Services

Covering Europe, Asia & North America

Retained Search, Team Builds, Acquisitions & Lift-Outs, Compensation Benchmarking & Market/Competitor Mapping

Retained Search

Our primary service is undertaking and completing retained searches on behalf of our clients. Our process is research based, bespoke for each client and designed to identify the strongest candidates in the market. A retained search provides a clear and powerful message to the market and underlines your commitment to hiring.

After being retained we research suitable candidates in competitor or related businesses and act as an intermediary in the process of selecting, screening and hiring the preferred individual. Our search process is enhanced by the strong relationships we hold and experience we have across the business areas in which we operate.

The most important aspect of the search process is managing candidates through the process and securing their successful extraction from their existing employment. Hiring an experienced Partner who are specialists in their field means the chance of hiring the right candidate is maximised.

Team Builds, Acquisitions & Lift-Outs

We have from time to time built teams from scratch for our clients, as well as identifying teams in other organisations that could be obtainable. This work has included developing new business areas for established firms who want to enter a specific market, as well as helping overseas firms establish a presence in Europe.

We have also helped numerous start-ups and have used our network to help build their business, find strategic/equity partners or introduce them to potential buyers.

Compensation Benchmarking & Market/Competitor Mapping

We also undertake projects for clients who need to understand the compensation landscape amongst their competitors in order to remunerate both current and potential employees in a way which enables them to retain and attract key talent over the long term.

We have also undertaken market mapping exercises for clients in instances where they would like to better understand the structure, size, strategy and capabilities of their competitors. This is sometimes a good way of deciding whether to engage in a full search before making the commitment.